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How to choose a suitable packing tape

by:Gangyuan      2020-06-28
How to choose a suitable packing tape - 2019 07 - 15 there are many kinds of the kinds of adhesive tape, for example, there is a product called packing tape, many people don't know how to choose a suitable packing tape, here small make up is to summarize some of the knowledge sharing of choose and buy yourself to everyone. 1. Consideration is to paste the content of micro hole, because of an outbreak of tape paste effect, is in is adhesive water into dry quickly paste content, this tape will be part of the paste content, so the paste content on the surface of the pores on the selection of the adhesive tape is very important, if the microporous sex more, choose tape bonding speed will be faster. 2. Look out for is the adhesive tape surface, cannot too wet, otherwise use time is difficult to open, sometimes even can't use at all. 3. Tape of choice is very important, because the relationship to the quality of the adhesive, so we should pay attention to it and choose the suitable tape.
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