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High-quality sealing tape selection requirements

by:Gangyuan      2023-02-07

The application of sealing tape in daily life is very common, but the quality of sealing tape products on the market is uneven, which makes consumers regret buying unsatisfactory sealing tape, and even doubt it. Consumers should pay attention to the following aspects when purchasing high-quality sealing tape: 1. Smell. For example, the smell of the sealing tape is very strong and pungent, etc., which clearly shows the quality problem of the sealing tape. Second, the glossiness of the product surface. You can see if the surface of the sealing tape is more translucent. The color of the bad sealing tape will definitely not be too translucent. Because the raw materials used by tape manufacturers have certain quality problems or are relatively inferior raw materials, and the thickness of the paper tube of the tape can also be seen at the same time, because the thickness of the paper tube can make people feel that the tape is relatively large visually, thus deceiving people. consumers to achieve their desired goals. Third, look at the stretchability of the sealing tape. Under normal use, the tape is not so easy to break, and the tape made of recycled materials looks very thick on the surface, but it is easy to become brittle during use, and it will break when it is torn off. Fourth, the tightness of the entire roll of tape. The production equipment used for good tape is also better, and the adhesiveness between the produced tape layer and the tape layer is relatively close, which can ensure the viscosity of the sealing tape. When buying sealing tape, you need to pay attention to the tightness of the product.
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