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\'green\' is an added attraction in bumper crop of new plastics.

by:Gangyuan      2020-06-16
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In the amazing number of new plastics that debuted at the K show in duseldorf last fall, there is no complete focus on faster processing or higher strength, heat resistance or chemical resistance.
Resin suppliers seem to bet that the content of \"bio-based\" or \"renewable\" will match those other qualities, thus deciding which materials to choose for the next generation of cars and other consumer and industrial products.
In K, however, this is not all \"green \".
The nano-composites have attracted some attention, and some real novelty and \"first\" have also attracted attention in olefin, engineering plastics, TPEs, and thermosolid LSRs.
More than 100 new materials have been reviewed here, but many other new materials have been previewed in our September previewshowreport. (see Learn More).
Spanish company Merquinsa has launched the world\'s first TPU obtained from biological/agricultural sources rather than fossil hydrocarbons.
Polyalcohol used to make pearls-
The Thane Eco and PearlbondEco series tpu themselves are made from renewable resources such as vegetable oil and fatty acids.
The company has introduced the Eco series, ranging in weight from 40% to 95%.
It is said that the performance they provide is equivalent to the traditional tpu, which is better in some cases.
A sample survey of the development grade is under way and is expected to be commercialized in the coming months.
The three grades of the injection molding and tensile coating will be provided within the full range of hardness.
Targeted applications include sports soles, electronics, and cars.
There is no need to modify the process, the price will be comparable to the traditional tpu.
The French company Akoma has launched another bio-based TPE.
It is said to be the first commercial \"engineering\" TPE to be manufactured with renewable resources. (
DuPont plans to introduce Hytrelcopolyester thermoplastic elastomer and regeneration content. )
Pebaxrnew is an ether-block-amide (PEBA)
Castor, with a renewable content of 20% to 90%, is the basis for Akoma Rilsan PA11 (nylon11)
Used to make pebaxrnew.
The Shaw hardness range of these products is 25 D to 72D, suitable for electronic, motion and automotive applications.
Another new product from Arkema is Platamid 2656 Rnew copoly, billedas \"the first 100% bio-based Hot Melt Adhesive \".
\"The product is made from vegetable oil raw materials and is designed for film, strap or non-woven fabrics for automotive interior laminate, textile lining and other purposes. [
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Other companies are beating bio at K.
In response to interest in cars and other industries, BASF, after a long absence, brought its Nylon 610 back to the name of the balance.
It is based on about 60% sebacic acid made from castoroil.
The density of Nylon 610 is lower and better than nylon 6
Temperature toughness with high dimensional stability and low water absorption.
The Italian Radici Group will also start producing Nylon 610 this year. (
AKoma is another producer. )
For biodegradable packaging, BASF has also introduced 75% lactic acid (PLA)
BASF Ecoflex biodegradable polyester (
From Petrochemical Industry).
Can be processed mechanically on EPS beads.
Development with selected partners will take place this year.
Novamont in Italy reported two developmentsBistarch-based polymer.
First, it has developed a special grade of extrusion coating or lamination on paper using standard mechanical and operating conditions.
Second, the company came up with Mater-
BiNanostarch, the report of the modifier let the Alma Mater
Bi will be squeezed out of a thinner, stronger flexible film, even in a low flexible film
Humorous conditions.
Clarity has also improved.
The additive is a functional particle of starch and is not chemically treated as a thermoplastic plastic, just like a material matrix.
Novamont plans to introduce a new Mater-
Bi class with 25% to 40% NMStarch this year
Dongli Industrial Co. , Ltd.
Japan is working on \"nanotechnology\"
A small amount of conventional engineered thermoplastic alloys dispersed in nanometers
Scale domain in PLA bio-polymer matrix.
In 2005, the company will polycarbonate with PLA alloy to increase the heat-resistant and flame-retardant properties of the laptop case.
Since then, Dongli has developed a kind of People\'s Liberation Army.
The alloy phone charger is now working on the case of the phone itself.
Toray used the name Ecodear in its PLAbasedmaterials. [
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K \"Nano\"\'s \"Nano\" news is almost as popular as the \"bio\" at the duseldorf show.
Lyman and worthofGermany (
The company has a joint venture with Techmer PM in the United States. S.
Wal, (lehvoss)
Recently developed a lubricating peep composite containing carbon fiber, graphite powder and owner\'s nano-materialadditives.
This Luvocom 1105
It is reported that the friction and wear of 7373 of the material is significantly lower than the standard friction compound of 10% carbon fiber and 10% PTFE.
This effect is particularly evident as the test temperature rises from 150 to 2. 50C (302 to 482 F).
The company said that avoiding the use of fluoride would increase processing and mechanical strength. Luvocom nano-
PPS and nylon also have lubricating compounds.
Most of the research and development of nano-composites involves carbon nanotubes, which are said to have excellent conductivity at low loads.
Lehmann & Voss has introduced a new conductive peekcompods with nanotubes.
Finnish Oy premix (
Mother of American pre-mixed thermoplasticS. )
There\'s also a new Pre-
Electrical nano-compounds ofpolycarbonate and carbon nanotubes.
They are said to be \"clean \"(non-sloughing)
And has a very uniform conductivity. -
There is no micro-\"hot spot ---
Within the scope of 10 (4)to 10 (9)
Ohm/square surface resistivity.
Nylon 4 t is the first novelty of nylon, which is produced by BASF at high speed.
High-three years later
Flow uses the same technology to increase the Flow rate of nylon 66 by 100% without sacrificing mechanical or thermal properties.
This is achieved through a proprietary organic additive that melts during processing but freezes into nanoparticles when melting and cooling.
Three new materials are currently being sampled.
The Ultramid a3wg8 high speed and Ultramid A3WG10 high speed contain 40% and 50% of glass respectively, while the Ultramid A3WGM53 high speed is filled with glass and mineral fillers.
Their improved flow and superior heat
Agingresistance allows the production of large engine components such as cylinders-
Head cover and medium cold end cover.
BASF is also developing similar heights.
Flow nylon grade 6.
The theme of other nylon development is high flow rate. A newhigh-
It is said that flow nylon of DSM can reduce the injection molding cycle of furniture applications by 20%.
Akulon ultra-fine nylon 6 is reported to have a smaller warp and easier color, with a better surface appearance in 50% to 60% of glassPopulate version.
Rodia also introduced the high-fill high-flow nylon 66 series.
According to Rodia, the techyl Star AFX class provides a typical cycle time reduction of 15%.
An enhanced rating of up to 60% provides superior traffic.
Longer flow rate, easier filling of cavity and superior surface finishare compared to traditional nylon 66.
In the car, the application includes the rear
Rear View Mirror supports, gear parts, wiper bars and structural seat parts.
Lanxess also launched
High filled Nylon 6 and 66 grades.
One is Durethan dp bkv 60 ef h. 2.
60% glass 0.
The tensile modulus at room temperature is 2.
76 million psi, which is twice the standard nylon 6 of 30% glass, provides similar flow at the same time.
High heat resistance is another key theme of nylon. Forhigh-
The next generation of Stanyl Nylon 46 series has been launched by DSM.
Stanyl Diablo occd2100 can withstand exposure of more than 230 hours up to 446 ° c/3000 F, with less than 15% reduction in mechanical performance.
The new nylon responds to the increasing use of smaller engines with higher turbine pressure and exhaust gas recycling (EGR).
As a result, the heat exposure of components such as air ducts, intake manifold and charging is higherair cooler end-caps.
Luo Yi is high in another
Hot nylon Inlet for Hood use.
Technyl HP nylon 66 is reported to have excellent performance retention of up to 392 degrees F, so it can replace PPA.
It also has a high burst intensity at high temperatures.
Technyl HP is resistant to cracking after 1000 hours at 200 °c, unlike standard nylon 66 and other highheat versions.
Grades of 35% and 50% glass are available.
The new FR nylon 66 grade from Rodia complies with the current WEEE and rolls regulations for electrical/electronic products.
Technyl A 60G2 V30 contains 30% glass, rated UL 94 V-
0 and GWIT 850 °c without halogen or red phosphorus.
It also shines through-
The line flammable index of 960 Cat is extremely low, so the requirements of micro-components are met.
Meet the light-
Wire \"flame-free\" specification (IEC 60335-4)
For unfilled grades, Rodia has developed two BR products rated UL 94 V-, Technyl XA 13 18 and Technyl XA 13322 and V-0,respectively. For mini-
Circuit breaker, techyl C 52 g1 and techyl C 52 g1 V25 are glass-
Filled Nylon 6 by glowing
The wire 960 cflamability index test was 0. 8 mm.
BASF has developed a new Ultramid seal
Suitable to reduce the risk of failure of electronic components due to contact with moisture or oil by ensuring close overforming of metal inserts.
This new transparent special co-polymer Amine has good adhesion to both metals and other nylon and pbx.
It\'s used in two-
Injection molding process.
So far, the thermoplastic housing material has been limited in terms of adhesion to the metal, which is exacerbated by the difference in thermal expansion, this makes it difficult to ensure tight coverage without using silicone adhesive or Hot Melt Adhesive or pre-coated metal.
Now, metal inserts for electronic components are preformed first with new nylon and then over-formed with traditional plastic.
Arkema\'s Rilsan Clear G350 is a clearnylon launched a year ago, designed for injection molding to high-
Glasses, sneakers, filter covers, cell phone lenses and housing.
It is flexible, tough and resistant to chemicals.
In blow-able nylon, a new class of Yubu industry is offered as a single-layer solution for small fuel tanks that now need to meet stricter fuel penetration requirements.
Yubu nylon 1030IU50 isa specially modified nylon 6, which has a higher melting viscosity than high density polyethylene and a greater impact strength than conventional nylon 6.
The Italian Radici Group has two new nylon 6 models for blow molding machines.
For fuel hose applications, the unreinforced Radilon s bmx class has a high chemical resistance, while the Radilon s bmv has 15% to 20% glass for Hood applications.
Both nylon can meet the heat requirements of gasoline and diesel engines. EMS-
Grivory has introduced a range of new nylon for metal replacement.
Grivory GVX is a PPA with glass from 50% to 70% for car steering-
Cab and engine parts.
Its elastic modulus is as high as 4.
2 million psi, can be injection molded under low pressure. [
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Also, Grivory LFT is a new long term
Fiber PPA with high energy absorption, creep resistance and HDT for automotive and industrial applications.
Grivory HT3 is a new PPA with a high melting point of 295C/563 F plus high dimensional stability and low creep.
The unreinforced fuel pipe has high melting strength and excellent barrier properties of the extruded fuel pipe. EMS-
Grivory also has a new super
The tough nylon 12 has greater stiffness and strength than the previous grade. Grilamid SST (
Super stiff and tough)
Good flow and notch impact with up to 40 kilojoules /[m. sup. 2].
The elastic modulus is 2.
61 million psi is similar to other metals-
Alternative materials such as glass
Filled with PPS and polyaromatic resin.
The market includes industrial, medical, marine and sporting goods.
Lati Italy has expanded the range of nylon and PPS compounds for metal substitutes in hygiene, heating and plumbing applications.
NewLatamid and Latigloss nylon 66 grades contain up to 60% of glass, which is said to be of equal strength to aluminum.
Laramid PPA class with glass or carbon fiber and/or mineral filler is specific to the pump shell, while Larton PPS compound for valves contains glass up to 40%. HIGH-
As we reported in September, BASF launched the first polybenone (PPSU)
Under the name of page 3010.
This is clear, highheat, chemical-
Resistant, inherent flame-
Flame retardant, deformed thermoplastic can be similar to Radel R-of solvent advanced polymer in overall performance
5000, although the HDT of ultra on P of 385 F at264 psi is about 20 [degrees]
Lower than Radel R. A new high-strength, high-
The temperature mixing of Victrex consists of Victrex Pique and Extem thermoplastic pi from SABIC Innovative Plastics. The Max-
From 150 °c to 275 °c, the series is reported to provide excellent mechanical performance (300 to 525 F).
Unfilled levels include Peeps-
Rich and M2000, TPI-rich.
Potential markets include oil and gas processing and semiconductors.
SABIC is the supplier when Victrex marketing materials.
Lati in Italy shows a new carbon family
Fiber Reinforced, Super
Rigid compounds of nylon, PPA, PPS and peeking.
The elastic modulus can be as high as 7 depending on the level of the polymer and filler.
25 million psi, contrast 2.
2 million psi of typical carbonFiber compound. High-
Load applications in aerospace, automotive and medical fields are targeted. [
Slightly] IllustrationsRTP Co.
Introduction to VLF (Very long fiber)
Peeking for military radar
RTP 2299X108578 contains 50% long glass with a notch impact of 240 J/m, 65% higher than 50% shorter
Glass enhanced peep.
The bending modulus is 19,306 MPa (2. 8 million psi)
And the HDT of RECC is in 1. 8 MPa (
600 F, 264 psi).
RTP sees opportunities in the areas of fasteners, petroleum processing and compressors.
Lehmann and Voss present the new Luvocom XCF compound of its carbon fiber in nylon 66, PPA, PPS and peek.
It is said that special fiber type and coupling technology in standard 3-mm pellet.
Therefore, the molding is not affected.
It is said that the XCF compound with 30% short carbon fiber can achieve a performance similar to the 40% load in the traditional compound (see Table 1).
Solvay Advanced Polymer has launched the Solviva biological material series for implantable medical devices.
Products include espeek, PPSU, polyester, and self-
Enhanced polystyrene grade for injection and extrusion.
The materials were produced in a special facility in Alfa Retta, Ga.
Solvay is currently developing applications with medical device manufacturer Ind mer Holdings, Warsaw, Ind.
Solvay sollexis has introduced a new family of MFA fluorine polymers, called hyflon F, as a replacement for FEP.
Hyflon F is reported to provide higher definition, better electrical performance, excellent stress-
In automotive applications such as high burst resistance and higher temperature of usetemperature-
Cable resistant.
It does not contain PFOA with suspected health risks.
Dyneon announced that about half of its fluorine polymer products are currently made with a new type of coemulsion derived from a non-PFOA.
Dyneon said that the performance of the product will not be affected by the change.
Zeon Chemicals is developing a new brand of Zeonex ring olefin polymer for blue lightray high-
DVD tests and records the capacity of the device. High-
Clarity Zeonex 340R is aimed at picking up the lens and prism. [
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More engineering resin ticon has launched five new Urals, offering a range of professional features. Hostaform Anti-
Crobe provides antimicrobial protection at the molecular level.
It can withstand boiling water and has direct contact with food products approved by FDA.
For the interior of the car, the new Hostaform grade offers a metal-free look without painting.
It is reported to have a better stiffness than the pc/ABS mixture normally used.
The new grade is used in the door handle of hondaivic.
The new Hostaform C9021 xap ls 10/9005 is used for laser marking of the internal switch and control knob of the vehicle. And second-
Low generation HostaformXAP
It is reported that the emission of odor B & L is much lower than its predecessor.
Hostaform ec014x f is a new type of conductive B & L aldehyde developed by ticon for automotive fuel systems.
It is stable compared to today\'s diesel fuel.
Siemens VDO uses it in Ford transportation.
Ultradur high from BASF-
Now low-warp version.
Ultradur S4090 G4 LS high speed is a pbx/ASA blendwith with 20% glass.
It is used in the control of Audi A4 and a5 models.
Langson\'s new Pocan dp B 3160 glass is said to be the first pbx to use 60% glass.
Elastic modulus with 2.
Tensile strength at 76 million psi and 21,750 psi break.
Although the glass load is high, its flow rate is similar to that of 45% glassfilled PBT.
Applications include car door hinges, structural components, and generator end shields.
Lanxess also reported that its Pocan dp bfn 4230, according to IEC/EN 60335, was the first polyester to obtain VDE certification-
1 electrical/electronic parts. The 30% glass-
The filled pet is flameretardant without halogen or antimony.
Potential uses include plug-in connectors and lamp sockets.
Another marinade-
Free si Ding glue launched by DSM.
Arnite XG is specially designed for connectors in unattended devices and meets the standards in IEC 60695.
It goes through GWT 750 C and GWF1850 C, as well as V-
2-pin flame teston assembly parts.
The main functions include high CTI (600V)
Good molding and lower moisture absorption rate compared to Nylon 6 and 66.
Bayer materials science has introduced several new PC/ABS blends for internal and external use in the car.
GF-bayend DP T8810 and GF-
20 has a high flow rate of 30% to 40% and a large stiffness of 25% to 30% over standard glassfilled PC/ABS.
Uses include dashboards and defrost bars.
At the same time, two new minerals
The filled PC/ABS grade is a potential alternative to the thermal solid SMC for auto body parts.
Bayblend DP T95 MFhas has high heat resistance and impact performance.
It works with Bayer\'s Makrolon PC on a large roof module for Smartfortwo minicar.
Bayblend DP T90 MF-other PC/ABS grades
20, with high flow rate and low isosex CLTE.
Potential applications include the trunk cover, antenna cover, rear spoiler, tailgate and rear valve plate.
Ticon has launched a new Celstran long-
Fiber plastic--
It is suitable for winding or pressing into continuous one-way pre-dip tape of forming sheet.
The tape will include a range of resins and fibers for the production of light structural parts for energy, aircraft, railway and automotive purposes.
Altuglas International, a subsidiary of Akoma, is offering new acrylic resin for co-extrusion of capstock with PVC for building profiles.
The company also has new acrylic capstock compound for heated styrenic plates dedicated to car and casual car body panels.
The new grade has excellent chemical resistance, as well as new visuals such as frosted or matte finishes and a range of metal colors.
Altuglas also introduced opaque acrylic resin for injection molding of automotive exterior parts such as mirror housing and door trim.
When TPEs debuted, there was quite a bit of novelty in theshow\'s TP elastomer.
One of them is the first cross-linked TPU developed by BASF\'s sister of elostogran.
Enhanced Compression by the addition of a liquid prepolymer mixture in a specially modified Elastollan TPU, reversible chemical cross-reaction-
Settings and vibration-
Similar to the damage properties of hot solid rubber.
At the same time, cross-linked TPU (TPU-X)
Better resistance to ozone, oil and grease than rubber.
This Elastollan X-
The Flex material is formed on a special injection molding machine in KraussMaffei.
It needs to be mixed better than standard injection screws, according to elostogranofficals.
Two of KraussMaffei-
Stage injection molding compound machine (IMC)uses a twin-
Screw extruder and piston injection device for adding plastic.
The adownstream port of the premix in the bucket is fed into the TPU molten stream.
Cross-linking occurs in the mold without prolonging the cycle time.
The result is soft (
No plasticizer on the 60 shore)
Resilient materials that can withstand long periods of time
C/250 F and short-
The term peaks up to 150 C/300 F.
However, the cross-linking is reversible whenever the polymer is remelted, and when the melt cools, the cross-linking changes. So the TPU-
X is recyclable, and it is not easy to cause problems if there is interruption in the molding.
In addition, by changing the TPU substrate or premix or changing the amount of premix added to the melt, this material can be customized in the future.
Except for injectionmodeling, there is already a TPU-
Click on the application in the extrudedprogram files.
Kuraray in Japan shows two brand new TPEs.
One is development.
Acrylic rubber consisting of alternating hard blocks and poly-soft blocks of organic glassn-butyl acrylate.
It is said that this LA polymer has high heat resistance, weather resistance, excellent transparency, soft flexibility without plasticizer and good adhesion to resin and paint.
It can be molded and squeezed, and the hardness is formulated from 30 to 60 D.
Sony reportedly uses it in a digital camera\'s drawable soft clip.
The TPE handle uses the same paint on the body of the abs camera.
Another development of Kuraray is called Q polymer.
This unknown component comes from the development department of elastic materials.
Isoprene chemical products in InKuraray
It is developed in the form of an alloy with a density of less than 1.
0g/cc with excellent elasticity, softness, high wear resistance and thermal water resistance (butnot oils).
It is reported to combine the best performance of the hydrogenation styrenic TPEs (
Such as Sept in Kuraray, sept is sold here. ofAmerica)and TPUs.
It has better mechanical properties as well as scratch-resistant and wear-resistant properties compared to sempton.
Compared with TPU, hydrolysis has better resistance to hydrolysis, lower density and better adhesion to olefin.
Kuraray now has a trial production of fewhundred tons every year and is working with the company for full production
Large-scale commercial production will be realized by 2010.
In other ways, GLS
This paper introduces the first TPEcompounds family based on Dow\'s newly injected olefin block polymer (seeLearn More).
The target market for the new Dynalloy OBC injection molding and blow molding products is consumer and office products, hardware, food packaging and medical parts.
These compounds are said to have special softness and extensive fluidity.
They put wellto PP.
The five standard injection grades include opaque and transparent materials with hardness ranging from 5 to 60 shore.
The level of 50 shore A blow mold is soft-
Touch the container.
Kraiburg of Germany has launched a series of heat release K tpes based on hydrogenation SEBS, which are said to show an \"extraordinary\" combination with PC and ABS.
In addition, they are available for ultra-plastic pet, SAN, ASA, PETG, pcs, and PS.
These clear compounds have coastal hardness from 50A to 80A, elongation from 540% to 620%, light transmission from 82% to 91%, and smoke from 11% to 13%.
Kraiburg also cited styrenicTPEs: 45 to 55 N/mm (
260 to 317/inch. ).
They also have good UV stability.
Another message from Kraiburg is the first SEBS.
TPEs in compliance with European regulations on drinking water products.
Thermolast k dw grade is suitable for pipe seals and hoses, shower heads and decorative fixtures.
Three years ago, on K 2004, a new styrenic TPE based on styrenic and isotinone made its debut (see Learn More).
Since then Kaneka of Japan has expanded its Sibstar series, including SIBS and SIBvariants, and has now introduced Sibstar TPVs
Cross-linked polyisotinone (PIB)
In SIBS, PP or HDPE substrates. Sibstar-
The TPV grade is supplied as a master material with a high PIB rubber load.
The PP and HDPE grades also contain oil. Sibstar-
It is reported that the compression permanent deformation of TPV at high temperature is lower than that of Sibstar TPEs, and the gas and moisture barrier is higher than the standard TPV, which indicates the application in cap seals and washers.
The hardness of these products is 33a to 42A, and the density is 0. 91 to 0.
93g/cc, transparency 99. 7% orhigher.
Another benefit is the low accessibility.
The latest \"engineering\" TPV material is the blow molding Moller grade of Zeotherm from Zeon Chemicals.
This acrylic rubber ina nylon based alloy is for the air duct of the car.
These pipes can be allZeotherm, or it can be the order in which the Zeotherm flexible segment is squeezed together with the nylon 6 or 66 rigid segments.
The new grade competes with copolyesterTPEs and soft nylons.
At the same time, Akoma has launched a transparent version of itsPEBA TPEs called pebaxclear.
The hardness of the two grades is 59D and 64D, respectively.
Arkema also has new competitors from EMS
Grivory entered the TPE market through its own PEBA series Grilflex.
It is said that the new patented chemistry provides particularly low expansion, high dimensional stability and--interestingly--
Good transparency.
It can be used in various grades of ina from 35D to 70D on the shore, nylon month or nylon6 (
For higher heat resistance).
Nylon 12 has standard and flame-
Flame retardant grade and version with better resistance to hydrolysis or dimensional stability.
They aim for Bellows, hoses, film, belts, consumer goods and industrial components.
Merquinsa has introduced a new transparent tpu family with a yellow index of up to 5-mm thick. Fast-
15 n85 bicycle sports have a flat modulus curve-
10 C/14 F and 40 C/104 F with good resistance to hydrolysis-
These two kinds of shoes are very useful for sneaker athletes.
Pierce clear 15N60D to maintain toughness-20 C/-
Winter sports application 4 F.
Another new product of Merquinsa is the fat TPU extrusion grade, which is used for pressing, casting and blowing film, with low gel content.
Peelthane 92f90 has good weather resistance and high
Frequency soldering for pvc and rubber replacement, while Pierce thane 92F88 has outstanding toughness and transparency of automotive film.
The Dow also has a new calendar.
Grade Pellethane for Belt, sewer liner, fabric and non-woven fabric.
Polypropylene & olefins olefin giant Basell (
It\'s LyondellBasell industry now)
Instead of actually showing in K, two new packaging materials were presented in the molding machinery presentation.
As we reported last month
See material Keep)
, One is the Maoming PP of the cup, lid and lid, and the other is high density polyethylene for HIC and personal usecare bottles.
Both are designed for lightweight.
Dow Europe has launched four new and upgraded PP resins as part of an initiative to expand the PP performance envelope obtained by its unipol PP gasphase process.
The Inspire 702 is used for injection molding barrels and barrels.
It is reported that it provides a good balance of quick circulation, stiffness and toughness, excellent mold release, long time
Terms for anti-behavior and food
Acceptability of contact.
Also suitable for food contact with the new Inspire 147, which is a high fit
Throughput thermoforming of vending machines, milk cans, cookie trays and blister packaging.
It is reported to provide better dimensional stability.
Dow also announced two kinds of developed random polymers.
Wall injection molding. DR7023.
00 is a 42 MFR with excellent food packaging flavor and odor properties. DR7032.
00 is said to be beremarkable, combining 100 MFR with great taste and smell.
The Dow car is also 60% long. glass PP (LGFPP)
Concentrate for forming structural parts.
Total Petrochemicals in Belgium has a new type of metallocene PPhomopolymer for streaming film. MR 2007 (15 MFR)
It is said to be very clear and smooth, with higher darts and puncture resistance than the traditional Olympic Games.
It also provides very low extracts with good sensory properties.
Aurora Borealis has put forward many new products in Austria.
It claims to have increased the injection molding speed of PP bathtubs and other food containers by 20% with Bormod bjergmo, which is \"a step-by-step change in productivity \".
This speed is attributed to the \"excellent flow\" and the owner-shaped nuclear technology quickly installed in the mold, as well as the mildew-proof agent that ensures easy demoulding at temperatures up to 90 °c (194 F). This high-
It is reported that flow PP allows the thickness of the molded product to be 0.
Without sacrificing the strength of the stack or the impact resistance of the fall--even at-20 C (-4 F).
Its shrinkage is also described as not sensitive to color.
The new BH374MO also claims faster injection molding, a pp grade of a barrel with an unusually high MFR of 45. Faster stretch-
Blow molding of directional bottles promises to use the new Borclear RF926MO, a PP random polymer with a nuclear and anti-aging agent that can be demoulded faster at higher temperatures
Borewald also said that the working temperature of this resin has increased twice, which is a boon for food contact.
Its MFR is 176 F for HDTis at 20,66 psi and smoke at 0 is less than 5%. 7-
Mm wall thickness.
Boretro claims that its BorpactBC918CF is the first product to be used to wrap the film, a foreign phase (impact)
Thanks to Borstar\'s Nuclear Technology, PP polymers provide high-definition homopolymers.
It is said to provide a unique combination of toughness, stiffness and heat resistance with high highlights and low fogging. This 2-
The bending modulus of MFR resin is 203,000 psi and the vicar softener is 154 C (309 F).
Its purpose is to blow and cast for labels, bags and modified film-
Atmospheric packaging (MAP)trays.
It is reported that another unique entry is the borepub ba110cfheterasic PP polymer for blowing and streaming films, which is said to be suitable for all silicone processes, so, reduce the need for different sealing films in packaging applications, such
Tape and labels.
It is said that this material is also very strong: the tensile strength is 2-
The Mil Film is 5800 to 8700 psi MDand 4350 to 7250 psi TD.
Can also be disinfected (
Vika 150 C/302 F)
For medical use.
In addition, the Borclear RB709CF height of borepub-
Clear, no directional blown film.
It does not contain sliding or anti-blocks.
Borehorn has shown the new car TPOs in some large applications.
For example, Smart fortwo is the first commercial vehicle to have the following featuresPP (or TPO)body panels.
Its hood, front, back, and side panels are all molded from 20% mineral material Daplen ed230 hp
Fill the TPO and replace the PC/BES, thus reducing the overall carweight 15% due to its lower density (1. 05 g/cc).
Only a clear panelcoat finish.
The novel is also the first. Plastic, single
The module fender on the BMW X5, known by borehorn as \"the most complex and highly integrated body app by far \".
\"Molding of Daplen EF341AE 30% minerals-
Filled TPO, Fender will deform up to 80mm at impact, reducing the possibility of injury under low impact
Pedestrian impact speed
Another unusual application is what borewald said was the first one.
Everinjection molding of truck bumper and front panel.
These structural components of Iveco\'s latest strapper truck use a relatively new nepol GB303HP (
Glass 30% long in chemical coupling PP).
There\'s a Daplen on the bumper. A TPO fascia.
Japan\'s Mitsui Chemical Company has launched a new transparent TPO.
It is called Norio and has a unique nano-crystal structure: Although typical TPO shows a considerable crystal structure in the amorphous matrix, electron o is not shown in the electron microscope
The reason is that Notio has read-
Like a 3D network of Crystal clips ---
Although it is not cross-linked.
Therefore, Notio demonstrates good transparency, elasticity and heat resistance, as well as a soft and very low density (see Table 2).
It can be used to make flexible tubes, lenses and films and can modify PP to increase toughness and eliminate stress whitening while maintaining clarity.
As mentioned above, Basell introduced a new high density polyethylene for the bottle, but most of the PE news for K is in film and pipe.
For example, exxontron launched is new to go beyond the \"HTC \"(
High throughput, high definition)
Film blowing technology.
The the company said in traditional extrusion equipment on mPE-
Now, the rich formula can achieve very high throughput, while the optimized machine can achieve \"unprecedented\" throughput of up to 111. 75lb/hr/in.
Mold circumference.
It is said that HTC technology also provides excellent bubble stability, as well as the toughness, sealing and optical properties of standard ultra-mLLDPE.
During K, Reifenhauser and Windmoeller & Hoelscher showed the extrusion of the super htc packaging film (
The latter of the German technology Center).
Dow has introduced a new double peak high density polyethylene for geomembrane and steel pipe coating. HDPE 50045E (0. 950 g/cc, 0. 50 HLMI)
It has high molecular weight and high melting strength for thick blown film.
Carbon black with UV stability.
Also new is Dowlex XZ 89438.
The development of llannan in the month (0. 930 g/cc, 2. 3MI)
It is used to squeeze the original ribbon and monofilament used to make artificial lawn.
Its density is lower than the Dowlex SC 2108G already used in this application, making it softer to the touch, 45% higher to tear, and more elastic (bounce-back).
The third new product is Dow\'s malegr388, a shunding benzene --
The grafted PE is designed as an extruded adhesive for the bonding of the dowxlldpe to the aluminum of the hot water pipe and the cold water pipe.
It is said that it will have excellent adhesion and long
Heat stable and easy to process.
Very large, very thick pressure tube is the target of the new \"low\"sagging\" PE100-
High Density Polyethylene from total petrochemical.
Black, there are 0.
959 density and 0. 2 HLMI.
In addition, Total has added three new films of metalloco LLDPEs.
Described as \"second-
Generation \"mPEs, high output rate through low extrusion pressure, low neck is different from earlier versions
Excellent drawing and good thickness control.
For the highest gloss and transparency, the M 3020 has 0.
930 density, 2mi, 1.
7% haze, 45 [gloss grade 89]degrees](
There is also 8% haze and 64 gloss in the blowing film). M 3427 has 0.
934 density and 2. 7 MIplus 2.
3% haze, 86 gloss. M 4040 (0. 940g/cc, 4 mi)has 5.
5% hazeand 86 gloss.
Boretro has introduced a new twin peak high density polyethylene for pressure tubes with \"excellent\" resistance to slow crack growth. BorSafeHE3490-LS-H (0. 949 g/cc, 0. 25 MI)
Over 100-
European standard requirements for slow crack expansion in folding PE water and gas body pressure pipes.
The first TPEs from renewable resources.
* The first TPU that can be cross-linked.
* The first nylon 4 t.
* Clear CPVC first.
* The first perf LSRs.
* Second source for PEBA TPEs. * Clear TPOs.
* Llannan increases the yield of blown film.
* PPs speed bottle and container forming.
Visit www online for more information.
Ptonline, com/article/200802fa2.
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07 dishwasher safe: New Transparent co-polyester, January.
August, 06 K 2004 Wrap-new olefin block polymer stretch TPE processing performance and cost performance
Materials, February.
For more information about these companies and their products, please contact the supplier to visit www. ptonline. com/suppliers.
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, Wyndote, MI (800)227-3746 * www. plasticsportal.
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Petrochemical industry.
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