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Effect of Humidity Changes on Tape Properties

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-26

The glue used on tape products is divided into water-based acrylic glue, which is environmentally friendly, and is also called pressure-sensitive adhesive. There are also oily ones. The key is to choose different tape products depending on the purpose of the product. For example, the suitable humidity for adhesive tape products made of pressure-sensitive adhesive is about 55%~80%R. When the temperature is higher than 80%, the adhesive tape contains less solvent or moisture is not easy to disperse, covering part of the adhesive tape or the adhered object. The surface will also absorb water to form a weak interface. Thereby reducing the bonding effect of the tape. For example: when the relative humidity is lower than 55% in dry and cold winter, the adhesive and the surface of the adhered object are too dry, which will cause certain obstacles to the adhesive wetting and penetration process of the adhesive tape. As the humidity decreases, the dust concentration in the air will increase, and the dust on the surface of the adherend will affect the adhesive tape's adhesive performance. There are two main factors affecting the adhesive force of tape products: the viscosity of the tape product adhesive and the action of external force. The viscosity of the adhesive is mainly related to the type of adhesive and its formula, which is also the most important internal factor. External force refers to the use environment, such as: temperature or humidity will have a direct impact on the bonding effect, as well as the material of the adhered object and its surface cleanliness, etc. These are external influencing factors.
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