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Do you know how the printing brush sealant comes from?

by:Gangyuan      2023-02-07

Sealing glue is based on BOPP film and coated with water emulsion pressure-sensitive adhesive, because of its weather resistance, tensile strength, light weight, low cost, and widely used advantages. Applicable to: Various packaging sealing sticks are fixed, especially in carton packaging sealing glue, packaging materials sealed by line automatic packaging machines have become mainstream. Color: transparent, beige, earth yellow, earth brown, coffee, white, blue, red, green, orange, black, yellow and black warning tape, trademark printing tape customers. Print your brand logo or text on transparent tape or colored tapes such as red, yellow, blue and green. For example: brand name, warning language, telephone number, information address, etc. Deepen the influence of consumers on your products and increase the popularity of your products. The sealing glue has good viscosity, does not drop glue, and is waterproof. Features that make it not easy to tear off the market occupies a good coverage, can produce printing, printing icons according to customer requirements and samples. This enables customers to imprint their own favorite or representative designs or patterns onto the packing tape.
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