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consumers : fingers don\'t know where to walk?

by:Gangyuan      2020-06-11
Can\'t find the turtle pigeons, the Lords.
A bird jumping or on a tree?
The direction is as close as your phone. -
This is a new bilingual service for confused Southern California shoppers who know what they want but don\'t know where to find it.
Called \"speak yellow pages\", it offers free English and Spanish advice on where to buy what you want.
Consumers only need to call (213)777-7776, (714)777-7776 or (800)777-
7776, then tell the type of goods the operator is seeking.
According to the yellow page spokesman Barbara R.
Beck, if the item is listed in the Standard Pacific phone or GTE directory, the operator will tell the caller the name, address and phone number of the appropriate merchant closest to the caller\'s location.
Who underwrites all this free information?
\"There are more than 450 merchants across Southern California,\" Baker said, adding that however, when the name of the merchant is revealed to the caller, the merchants are not subject to any preference.
Put this on for KittyJill Harris, who is tired of covering her furniture with worn old towels that look like something her cat dragged in (
To protect it from cats, the furniture doesn\'t look like something that should be dragged out).
Therefore, the \"cat\'s towel\" was born, a cotton towel designed to protect the furniture from the falling off and scratching of the cat, for a long time, it looks more attractive than those worn out cat owners who might use it for this purpose.
As the label says, the product is designed \"because your furniture is not nine lives.
Earlier this year, pastel
Exclusive color towels are provided by mail order.
But there are retail stores all over the country.
You will find that it is carried in local stores, such as Montana claws in Santa Monica, Bosha in kalabasas, and the dog of Sherman Oaks in Chatsworth, perfect, the cat of Burbank and the Woodcliff Animal Hospital in Chatsworth.
This towel is sold in two different colors: the cat\'s picture and the \"cat\'s towel\": mint green, gray rose and black, ivory background or mint green, the gray rose and black are on the blue background of the slate.
The recommended retail price is $8. 99.
For information on how to buy a towel, please call Jill Harris (818)700-
6955 or write to rabbit feet
20945 Devon Street
102 suites Chatsworth, California, 91311. Fix-
Happy Idiot!
For those of you who are having trouble measuring with a normal device, Homestar International has several new options: QuickSticke (
Alternatives to traditional rulers)
Faster tape (
Alternative to standard tape measure).
Both products claim to simplify the measurement task by instantly displaying the measured distance.
Both use digital technology.
For example, when the label slides along the ruler of QuickStick --
As with edge, the device will immediately provide you with a digital reading of the measured distance.
Using a faster tape, the button is pressed when the tape measures a given distance and the measurement is frozen to the display.
Why does anyone want one?
\"The main thing is that the concept of the product is to eliminate all the small marks that must be read on tape or ruler,\" said Ross Heil, vice president of marketing at Homestar, based in Pleasanton, California.
\"People, no matter how often they use (
Tape measure or ruler)
There seems to be the same, ongoing problem;
That is, you have to calculate how many small slash marks are on the edge of the ruler or tape measure.
So what we do is keep the same accuracy, mainly to make reading easier.
He added: \"The tape measure also has memory function.
\"This allows you to hang at the end of the ladder and just press a button to freeze the measurement in memory to fix the measurement in the corner.
Even after the tape is recovered, the measurement still exists.
\"The faster tape and the faster stick are all battery operated.
Faster tape prices are at $19. 95 to $24. 95.
The price of QuickStick ranges from $14. 95 to $19. 95.
For information on where to buy them, please call hominternational International (415)847-
9500 or write to the company at 4256 Manor Avenue, 101 suites, Pleasanton, California. 94566.
Astronaut back pain relief--
Or those who only like to sit in a chair with a back cushion ---
They can now lean their bones against materials originally made for the United States. S. space program. Accu-
Come back, Encino-
Headquartered in the company that provides a variety of back support pads, a new adjustable support pad has recently been introduced, filled with \"temper foam\", a material that is said to distribute pressure evenly.
According to the manufacturer, it has additional functions to absorb body heat from the user and return it to the back, thus playing a mild heat treatment role. The cushion (model 4001)
Designed for people with back surgery or lateral flexion of the spine (scoliosis)
But it is appropriate for anyone seeking more support.
It weighs 1/2 and is covered with fire.
Flame retardant, dyeing
Wear-resistant, velvet
Like the fabric that the manufacturer says is easy to clean.
The suggested retail price for the mat is $74, available at home care stores in Southern California.
For more information about the product or purchase of the product, please call Accu-Back at (213)639-
7992 or write to the company at 1475 EDel Amo Blvd. Carson City, California, 90746.
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