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Compare the difference between transparent yellow tape and white transparent tape

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-31

Our common scotch tapes in the market are mainly yellowish, light yellow and white. The white scotch tape is generally transparent and basically colorless. The transparent yellow tape is transparent with a little yellow, and there is opaque beige. Today we mainly talk about who is more sticky, transparent yellow or white? Which sticks firmly and is more viscous? The appearance of the transparent yellowish tape is transparent with a little yellow. Generally, it can be made without bubbles or with bubbles. This kind of transparent tape is a more popular color in the tape industry. It is mainly based on polypropylene film (BOPP), which can be painted into any color tape according to customer requirements, and then coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive and dried into a self-adhesive tape. This transparent tape has high tensile strength and high quality. Light, non-toxic and tasteless, environmentally friendly, and able to prevent product leakage or damage during transportation, it is very suitable for ordinary product packaging and various sealing and bonding purposes. The middle of the transparent yellow tape is reinforced with a circular paper tube. It is mainly used for sealing, spraying, packaging and fixing, building decoration and other industries. It is also used for office and study. The transparent yellow tape is made of high-quality viscose and environmentally friendly OPP plastic. The tape is highly viscous, and it is not easy to fall off after being fixed. It has the characteristics of temperature resistance, solvent resistance, and no glue overflow. To say that transparent yellow tape and white transparent tape are better, in fact, there is no accurate statement about these. Strictly speaking, white is more environmentally friendly! However, it depends on the company's production process. The transparent yellow sealing glue is mainly OPP, with more water-based glue, and the white one is mainly BOPP, with more thermal capacity glue. Therefore, the price is relatively more expensive. A little bit
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