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Clear or Colored? Which Type of OPP Tape is Right for You?

by:Gangyuan      2023-05-17

Clear or Colored? Which Type of OPP Tape is Right for You?

When it comes to packaging, OPP (oriented polypropylene) tape is an essential item for any business. Not only does it provide a secure seal, but it also helps improve the presentation of your products. However, with two types of OPP tape available – clear and colored – it can be difficult to know which one is right for your business. In this article, we will explore the differences between clear and colored OPP tape and help you decide which one is best for your needs.

What is OPP Tape?

Before we get into the differences between clear and colored OPP tape, it's essential to understand what it is. OPP tape is a type of adhesive tape that is made from a durable plastic material called oriented polypropylene. This tape is widely used in the packaging industry due to its ability to create a tight seal that doesn't easily break or tear. It also provides a professional and neat finish to your packaging.

Clear OPP Tape

Clear OPP tape is the most commonly used type of packaging tape. As the name suggests, it's transparent, allowing you to see the contents of the package. Here are a few benefits of using clear OPP tape:

1. Professional appearance - Using clear OPP tape on your packaging gives it a professional and sophisticated look. This is particularly important if you're a business selling products online or shipping items to customers.

2. Branding opportunities - If you package your products in boxes with your company logo or branding, clear OPP tape is a great way to keep your branding visible without covering it up.

3. Easy application - Clear OPP tape is easy to apply and handle. It doesn't stick to itself or get tangled, which is particularly useful if you're packaging multiple items at once.

4. Versatile - Clear OPP tape can be used on a variety of materials and surfaces, including plastic, paper, and cardboard.

Colored OPP Tape

Unlike clear OPP tape, colored OPP tape is available in a variety of colors, including red, blue, green, yellow, and black. Here are some benefits of using colored OPP tape:

1. Security - Colored OPP tape is often used to indicate that a package has been tampered with. For example, a red strip of tape across a box shows that it has been opened, making it easier to detect if someone has tried to access the contents inside.

2. Branding opportunities - Colored OPP tape is an excellent way to add a pop of color to your packaging and create an eye-catching design. This can help your products stand out from the competition.

3. Safety - If you're packaging goods that are hazardous or need special handling, using colored OPP tape can help identify the contents quickly.

Which Type of OPP Tape is Right for You?

Now that we've explored the benefits of clear and colored OPP tape let's look at which one is right for you:

1. If you want a professional and sophisticated look for your packaging, opt for clear OPP tape. It's versatile, easy to use, and won't distract from your branding.

2. If you're shipping products that need extra security, colored OPP tape is an excellent option. It will show if anyone has tampered with your package and can help prevent theft.

3. If you're looking to add some personality to your packaging, colored OPP tape can be a great way to do it. It can help your products stand out, particularly if you sell them in a competitive market.

In conclusion, whether you choose clear or colored OPP tape depends on your business needs. Both types of tape have fantastic benefits, and it's up to you to decide which one is right for you.

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