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Characteristics and classification of foam tape

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-26

Foam double-sided tape is based on eva foam or pe foam, and is coated with high-performance adhesive on both sides. The characteristics of the foam tape are as follows: 1. Excellent sealing performance, avoiding gas release and atomization. 2. Excellent compression deformation resistance and long-lasting elasticity can ensure long-term shockproof protection for accessories. 3. It does not contain harmful and toxic substances, will not remain, will not pollute equipment, and is not corrosive to metals. Four, can be used in a variety of temperature ranges. 5. The surface has excellent wettability and is easy to bond. 6. Long-lasting stickiness, strong peeling, strong initial stickiness, good weather resistance, good waterproof, solvent resistance, high temperature resistance, etc., and good compliance on the curved surface of the adhered object. Classification of foam tape: PU foam double-sided tape, PE foam double-sided tape, EVA foam double-sided tape, acrylic foam double-sided tape, etc. Due to the different performance of the product, the adhesive used will also be very different. For example: PU foam tape products are suitable for bonding and fixing hooks, billboards, plastic strips, metal sheets, etc., and the applicable temperature is -20°C-120°C. PE foam tape products are suitable for pasting and fixing photo frame decorative strips, furniture decorative strips, car decorative strips, corrugated boards, wheel arcs, and baffles. Applicable temperature: -20°C~120°C.
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