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Benefits of Using Duct Tape

by:Gangyuan      2023-02-06

Cloth tape is a unique type of tape. It has strong anti-peeling and anti-aging characteristics. It is also a high-viscosity tape with strong adhesion and complete functions. Ordinary tapes rarely have waterproof performance, so we need to use cloth-based tapes to bond waterproof packaging items, because it has relatively powerful functions and is widely used. The following introduces the benefits of using cloth tape: 1. It is generally used for carton sealing, carpet seaming, heavy-duty bundling, waterproof packaging, etc., which cannot be done by ordinary tape, and ordinary tape is not available Water resistance. 2. It is also frequently used in the automobile industry, paper industry, and electromechanical industry, mainly in places with good waterproof measures such as car cabs, chassis, cabinets, etc. 3. It can also be used in the die-cutting industry, using cloth-based glue for die-cutting Cutting is easier. 4. Compared with ordinary tape, cloth tape has better temperature resistance and can adapt to various extreme temperature and climate environments. It can also stick to rough surfaces very well and can be removed quickly, leaving no glue residue after use.
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