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Basic properties of stretch stretch film

by:Gangyuan      2022-12-27

Stretch stretch film can also be called PE stretch stretch film. This product can use mechanical stretching device or manual stretching at room temperature to generate its own deformation adaptability, and wrap the goods tightly for transportation or storage. A packaging method. PE stretch stretch film has the characteristics of good tensile performance, tear resistance, strong penetration resistance, high transparency, good self-adhesiveness, high shrinkage rate, tight packaging, and no looseness. The basic performance of PE stretch stretch film is introduced as follows: 1. Appearance: The surface of PE stretch stretch film is smooth, without wrinkles or only a small amount of active folds, without obvious unevenness, black spots, impurities, crystal points, and no stripes , spots, no bubbles, pinholes and ruptures. In addition, the surface of the product is also required to be clean and free of dust, oil, etc. 2. Transparency and gloss: The light transmittance requirements for transparent stretch stretch film products are relatively high, and should generally reach more than 92%. As for opaque stretch film, such as white film, it is required to have high whiteness and good opacity. 3. Physical and mechanical properties: The physical and mechanical properties of PE stretch wrap film mainly include tensile strength, elongation at break, tear strength, impact strength and other characteristics. 4. Moisture permeability: It indicates the permeability of PE stretch wrap film material to water vapor under certain conditions. For example, in the case of relative humidity and temperature, the quality of water vapor per square meter represents the moisture resistance of the film material to a certain extent, and the difference in the quality of the film material will also have a direct impact on the moisture permeability. This also determines its scope of application. 5. Oxygen permeability: PE stretch wrap film material permeates oxygen under certain conditions. It refers to the volume of oxygen permeated per square meter. Due to the different qualities of various film materials, the oxygen permeability will also vary.
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