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4 things you won\'t believe it\'s illegal to buy in america

by:Gangyuan      2020-06-10
Everyone likes shopping, whether they admit it or not.
Spending money on something you like is a good time.
At least it should be a good time.
We are all well aware of the more common complaints about shopping.
Crowd, shopping mall, people, parking lot. . .
It\'s terrible.
Shopping there also has some lesser-known issues, most of which are imposed on us by legislators and legislators.
The rules set from high places make it painful for people like us to shop, just below.
We talked about one of the biggest \"shopping restrictions\" in this week\'s podcast. . . . . .
Comic Company Lou Perez and David Huntsberger also joined me.
However, as far as this column is concerned, I will start in a slightly different direction.
Sex toys are illegal in Alabama. You can\'t buy sex toys in Alabama, is that true? It sure is!
The law has everything.
It\'s called
The Obscenity Enforcement Act, which absolute legislation provides for what men and women can and cannot place at different gender points.
It was originally only intended to prevent nude dancing, meaning it still exists, but it has since expanded to include the purchase of any and all sex toys.
There is an allowance, however, because Alabama understands that sometimes you just have to show someone a dick to continue your education.
For these people, there is a clause that allows the sale of certain items for educational or medical purposes.
So, let\'s say you\'re a high school sex education teacher in Alabama. . .
Just kidding, you know there\'s no sex in Alabama.
I\'m sure it has so far been replaced by Bible studies or advanced sandwich art.
Still, they allow it, so at least it\'s not a completely unreasonable law, right?
You know, if so, I wouldn\'t ask that question.
You see, even with an education/medical exemption, you still have to fill out a questionnaire that covers all aspects of your sexual history and sexuality.
Is there a medical reason for dildo?
I\'m sure if that\'s the case, at some point in history, some low
There is no doubt that the task of the hospital staff is to buy one somewhere and in the process they have to admit that sometimes they will like it.
If you think the law is crazy, wait for you to hear how it was overturned.
On 2005, a novelty dealer named Sherri Williams worked with ACLU to challenge the law, arguing that Lawrence v.
Texas ultimately grants Texans the right to consent to same-sex, setting a clear precedent for allowing sex toys in Alabama. f*****g how?
It doesn\'t matter because the court agreed and the sex toy ban was overturned. . . briefly.
A few months later, the Court of Appeal overturned the decision.
Since then, Alabama has never seen anything in its pocket.
If you are a fan of conspiracy theories, the world\'s favorite artificial sweeteners are banned, and I would like to introduce you to the honey.
It\'s an artificial sweetener, and I talked about it once as early as I was a little kid --writing puppy.
Its street name is \"magic sugar\" and its use is unlimited in almost all other countries in the world.
Think about almost all the \"sugar\"
It\'s free in America.
In most countries, the artificial sweeteners that make sweet and delicious are sweet.
However in American sodium cyclamate self-1969 FDA scientists Dr.
Jacqueline velet told the world on NBC Evening News that after testing, she injected sweet honey into the bird while still in the egg, most of which were birth defects.
You guys, she even brought pictures.
Do you want to see one?
I don\'t want to either, and the people watching NBC that night certainly don\'t want to see more than they already see, so it\'s generally believed that this third nipple --
Food that saves calories must be thrown away from grocery store shelves nationwide.
So here\'s the question: why is it still available elsewhere?
Because the science behind the study is flawed.
First, humans do not consume artificial sweeteners by direct injection.
If we could still taste it like this, we might, but alas, we didn\'t.
Further tests, however, showed that of 240 rats, 8 of them had bladder cancer when sweet sodium was given.
How much do you ask sweet honey?
Equivalent to a person drinking 350 cans of soda a day, I\'m not even sure if this is scientifically possible.
Even better, no subsequent test has been able to replicate the results of both studies since 1969.
So while the rest of the world sees the ban as a farce, for some reason the United States is adamant that we should be allowed to eat magical sugar.
This is a story of getting a tin foil hat type in a hustle and bustle.
Does the government know what the rest of the world does not know?
Are they hiding to protect us or to hurt us?
Since we know it will help us win the day, do we send Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola all over the world to serve sweet honey?
The cold war is just a strategy to distract us from the more important cola war?
Is it just money?
This possibility is endless, unless you\'re talking about the possibility of drinking honey and soda in the US.
Still not.
At OregonI, it is illegal to smoke your own gas, and I don\'t know how many people have gone out to comment that you can\'t smoke your own gas in New Jersey.
I hope there are many.
I like to give people a lot of benefits when I read my stuff. It\'s so long!
This is true anyway: in New Jersey and Oregon you are not allowed to refuel yourself.
Why this is the case, this is a question that people have been asking for quite some time, and there are already plenty of answers on the Internet to prove this.
This is attributed to the two states, just don\'t believe you won\'t explode when you refuel yourself.
Therefore, the gas station attendant must attend a safety training course except to see arthritis 75-year-
The old man who is currently in the gas station game for the sixth decade will not accidentally catch you on fire while you wait in the car.
Because the gas station is always like this, am I right?
You just want to enjoy your day when a lug nut accidentally sets itself on fire?
In fact, before taking steps to reduce the explosion of pumped gas, the safety argument may indeed have prevented some water --
Bin Laden\'s experience
Of course, these measures began to appear in the 1940 s.
Shortly thereafter, service stations began to become law in the region. . .
Except Oregon and New Jersey.
It\'s hard to imagine that it boils down to anything but money.
Obviously a lot of jobs will be lost if the ban is lifted, but I suspect it\'s gasoline --
People are worried about increasing jobs.
Especially the gas station owner.
Additional training may mean paying more, and they are more willing to remove all sorts of other troubles if possible.
No, I guess the answer is somewhere in the framework needed to keep such a stupid law at the national level.
In these states, red tape and trouble may leave food on many tables, and somehow they have been successful in defending their existence for decades.
Of course, state law means state institutions.
In Oregon, this is clearly funded through licenses and customer fees.
In other words, the repeal of these laws will result in no longer the need for gas stations to pay to the state.
While this is definitely a bullshit law, the real victims here seem to be gas and oil companies.
If that\'s the case, I don\'t care.
New Jersey\'s top shopping destination is prohibited from shopping on Sunday. Most people are familiar with the concept of blue law.
Basically, these Measures are formulated to limit the sale of certain goods at certain times.
Like in some states, you can\'t buy wine on Sundays.
When people take their religion seriously, these laws are often enacted.
Like the pilgrims and s ** t. That party-
The Rocking group has been blamed for the previously banned Blue law in Minnesota.
In most cases, common sense prevails, and these measures have been overturned in all aspects of the whole history.
Ban again, because this is what the pilgrims want.
Several states in the Northeast, including Maine, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, still comply with the shopping restrictions of the Qing era, but no one in the area is using blue laws more crazily than New Jersey.
Especially in Paramus, New Jersey, it used to be the best place to live in 21. . . .
Given that it is located in the heart of Bergen County, it seems to be a fairly low display, and Bergen County happens to be the state\'s most visited shopping destination.
Better yet, Palamos itself is home to the county\'s largest shopping mall.
In this retail kingdom, Paramus is the king.
They act like this.
As you may have collected, the blue law is the problem.
There are a lot in Bergen County, but none of them are as limited as what Paramus had people deal.
Basically, on Sunday in Paramus, New Jersey, you can\'t buy anything.
The words used are \"secular work\", if that lets you know what kind of things you can\'t do.
There are several exceptions.
You can still get food and medicine.
Just because it is a law that serves a particular religion does not mean that it is not flexible.
Hey, cigarettes are even excluded because religious people are sometimes huge hypocrites.
No wine, though.
No wine, no clothes, no shoes, no video games. . .
There is basically no \"secular\" pleasure.
The word makes it look like a law driven by the devotion to Jesus, but definitely not.
The real problem is traffic.
Bergen County has traffic jams every day because it is a frequent shopping destination.
They will not keep their blue laws in books in order to respect God;
They keep them in their books so that you spend at least one day a week outside Paramus, New Jersey.
Does this sound like an idiot to you?
If so, you\'re the dick.
They didn\'t give up anything because they asked for a day\'s solitude every week.
Did you see the part where I said params was the largest shopping destination in the state?
If you can, people will spend a lot of money there on Sunday, probably on a variety of things.
Still, voters in Paramus have vetoed every attempt to overturn the blue law and vowed to do so from now until the end of time.
You see, some things in life are really more important than money.
As it happens, one of them is that you spend a day out of town. Good for them.
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