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Why is the stickiness of the transparent sealing tape bad?

by:Gangyuan      2022-12-20

Why can't the transparent sealing tape stick? If we just bought the transparent tape, we found that there are many sealing tapes that are not sticky, which must be a quality problem of the product. We can ask for a return, or ask the tape manufacturer or tape supplier to handle it. If it's been a long time since you purchased it and you've found a lot of tape quality issues, it could be due to our storage methods.

The stickiness of the tape will decrease when it encounters water. Please check whether there is water in our warehouse in the last period of time, or whether the ground is wet. If there is transparent tape, it is normal. We should keep the warehouse dry and ventilated. Another reason is when storing scotch tape, it is kept with other everyday items such as washing powder, detergent, soap, bar soap, etc. These daily necessities are alkaline and will react with the pressure-sensitive adhesive in the scotch tape, making the viscosity of the pressure-sensitive adhesive lose its stickiness. Another reason is that the scotch tape you bought has been in storage for a long time. The tape is broken. The shelf life of ordinary scotch tape is one and a half to two years. The longer the shelf life, the more sticky the tape will be.

Generally, the glue with high solid content will have better viscosity. The common solid content on the market is about 50. If the viscosity is good, it is best to use 52 solid content. But the price may vary by 200 yuan a ton. The thickness of the glue is also related. Generally, the thickness of the glue is about 20-22. The thinner the glue, the worse the viscosity, but the thicker the glue, the better the viscosity. It is very sticky to the touch, which means that the initial adhesion is good, and it jumps away after sticking, which means that the stickiness is not good. The stickiness of the initial stickiness is inversely proportional to the stickiness, that is to say, if you touch the sticky sealing tape with your hands, the stickiness will be poor.

Of course, there are many reasons why Scotch tape doesn't stick. Our main purpose is to find out the cause of tape damage, deal with it in time, and reduce our loss. As long as we carefully analyze and find out the cause of the loss of tape viscosity.
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