Gangyuan - A Professional Packaging Tape Manufacturer Since 1999, Providing  Adhesive Tape, Masking Tape And Opp Tape, Etc.

Which wholesale opp tape company gives better services?
DONGGUAN CITY GANG YUAN ADHESIVE PRODUCTS CO., LTD. provides customers a competitive customer care service. As we're already knowledgeable about wholesale opp tape business, we're able to quickly identify your problem and run the required answers. Backed by extensive industry expertise, we've been able to successfully create a dedicated group of competent engineers and other service professionals that help the business in offering prompt and precision service support to the you.
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Numerous patents are held in GANG YUAN. GANG YUAN has created a number of successful series, and China masking tape is one of them. The development of Gangyuan duct tape considered several key mechanical properties. It is developed with the stiffness, strength, hardness, ductility, and toughness which are critical for its operation. The product, with strong adhesive holding power, can withstand heavyweight. In order to provide the professional service,Gangyuan employees the most experienced and friendly serve team. It is not likely to tear paint off the base materials.
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GANG YUAN is willing to contribute to the development of double sided tape industry. Welcome to visit our factory!

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