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Where are warning tapes generally used?

by:Gangyuan      2022-12-21

When it comes to warning tape, many people think that it is used as a warning on traffic facilities. In fact, the role of warning tape as traffic facilities is only part of it. The following Mond Packaging will popularize what the warning tape is for everyone.

General warning tapes are used for ground marking such as workshop machine marking, shopping mall planning marking, garage marking, etc. It also includes the binding and wrapping of gas pipelines such as natural gas and gas pipelines. Then the area where warning tape can be used as a sign also includes: warning areas in warning areas, industries, shopping malls, elevators, stairs, etc. Then according to the single and double colors of the warning tape, we can distinguish what the warning tape of these colors is mainly used for.

The monochrome ground warning tape mainly has the following meanings. The yellow line generally represents a temporary or moving area, indicating that the area is only used for temporary borrowing. The red warning tape usually represents the defective product area, which acts as a sign prompt for the division of the factory workshop.

The role played by the two-color warning tape. Red and white are mainly used in the fire fighting area of ​​the workshop to remind everyone that this is a fire exit and it is forbidden to occupy this area. The yellow and black warning tape is mainly used for marking workshop passages, which can clearly remind non-related personnel not to occupy the area inside the warning tape. Green and white warning tapes are drawn in the work area to remind employees to prepare for safety in advance.
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