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What material is the sealing tape generally used for?

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-06

BOPP sealing tape factory is a very important flexible packaging material with a wide range of applications. BOPP film is colorless, odorless, odorless, non-toxic, with high tensile strength, impact strength, rigidity, toughness and good transparency. It is a high-quality substrate for clear sealing tapes. BOPP films have low surface energy and require corona treatment before coating or printing.

However, after corona treatment, BOPP film has good printing adaptability, can be printed in color, and has a beautiful appearance effect, so it is often used as the surface material of composite film. BOPP film is not sufficient, for example, it is easy to accumulate static electricity and has no heat sealability. In high-speed production lines, BOPP films are prone to static electricity and require static removers. In order to obtain a heat-sealable BOPP film, heat-sealable resin glue, such as PVDC latex, EVA latex, etc., can be applied after corona treatment on the surface of the BOPP film, or solvent glue can be applied, or extrusion coating or co- The extrusion lamination process produces heat-sealable BOPP films.

The film is widely used in the packaging of bread, clothes, shoes and socks, as well as the covers of cigarettes and books. The initial tear strength of BOPP film after stretching is improved, but the secondary tear strength is very low. Therefore, no cuts will be left on both end faces of the BOPP film, otherwise the BOPP film will be easily torn off during printing and laminating. After the BOPP coating is self-adhesive, we can produce our commonly used sealing tape. Sealing tapes are a market with a large amount of BOPP.

BOPP film can be prepared by tubular film method or flat film method. The properties of BOPP films obtained by different processing methods are also different. The BOPP film produced by the flat film method has a higher draw ratio (up to 8-10), so the strength is higher than that of the tubular film method, and the uniformity of the film thickness is also good.

In order to obtain better comprehensive performance, it is usually produced by multi-layer composite method during use. BOPP can be combined with a variety of different materials to meet specific application needs. For example, BOPP can be combined with LDPE (CPP), PE, PT, PO, PVA, etc. to obtain high gas barrier properties, moisture resistance, transparency, high temperature, low temperature, retort resistance and oil resistance. Different composite films can be applied to oily food and precious taste. Food, dry food, dipped food, all kinds of cooked food, monosodium glutamate, pancakes, rice cakes and other packaging.
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