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What is the stickiness of the sealing tape

by:Gangyuan      2023-02-09

When we are using the sealing tape, many people will ask what is the stickiness of the sealing tape? What help is there for choosing a sealing tape? Let's talk about what stickiness is. Stickiness refers to the retention force of the sealing tape after sticking cartons and other products. Initial tack refers to the stickiness of the coil or the stickiness of the construction lap, which is generally reflected in physical indicators such as shear and peel strength. The quality of stickiness is directly related to the safety of products in warehouse storage, long-distance and short-distance transportation! Some purchasers may think that our products do not need to be transported over long distances, nor do they need to be stacked in the warehouse for a long time. It does not matter to the stickiness, as long as the initial stickiness is good, it is enough to ensure that it can be used after sticking! So is it not required to hold stickiness in this situation? Actually not. Sealing tape with good initial tack is usually glue with a relatively high moisture content. Its principle is like two pieces of paper soaked in water. As long as they are put together, they will stick together, but with the volatilization of water, The water dries slowly, and the two sheets of paper will become the original two sheets of paper. Sealing tape with good stickiness is generally compounded with glue with less water content or more oily content. It's like cooking paste with glutinous rice. Although the paste that is too paste is not as sticky to the touch as the thinned one, it will stick longer than the thinned one after sticking to the couplet. This is the stickiness that can withstand wind and withstand external forces. When we understand the stickiness and initial tack of the sealing tape, it will be easier and save time when purchasing the sealing tape.
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