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What is the difference between PET high temperature tape and general tape?

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-14

pet high temperature tape:
PET high-temperature adhesive tape, composed of polyester film and silicone adhesive, is a type of adhesive tape used for the bonding of printed circuit boards and films. It not only meets the needs of PCB manufacturers when electroplating gold fingers, but also can be used in various It can also meet the needs of users when joining films, composite films, and paper.
Raw materials: polyester film (PET), polyimide (PI), Micron paper/crepe paper + PET;
Temperature resistance: 120 degrees -260 degrees;
Temperature resistance time: ranging from 1 minute to 30 minutes;
Main products: Spraying PET high temperature tape, baking varnish high temperature resistant tape, PI high temperature tape, polyimide high temperature tape, spray red masking tape, tin spray red masking tape, etc.
General tape:
Raw materials: OPP, BOPP, cotton paper, general masking paper,
Temperature resistance: room temperature
Temperature-resistant time: Depending on the use environment, there will be residue after peeling off after general use.

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