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What is tape master roll

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-20

With the development of industry and commerce, the transportation of industry and commerce has become particularly important and extensive, so the application of tape master rolls has become more and more. The tape master roll is different from the household tape we are familiar with. This is a specially treated tape that will be used in industry and commerce. Many people are not particularly clear about the definition of tape master roll, which is often confused with ordinary tape or even record film. This is a relatively common common sense mistake. Tape master rolls are widely used, and only when we have a good understanding of what is tape master rolls can we use it better. The tape master roll is mainly based on BOPP film master roll. After the BOPP film is treated with high-voltage corona tape master roll, one side of the surface is rough, and then heated to evenly coat the water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive tape master. roll. Many tape companies do processing and production. For processing and production, they need to go to other tape factories to purchase tape master rolls for processing and manufacturing. Tape master rolls are mainly used in tape slitting factories, which can be cut into pieces according to customer needs. Finished products of different specifications of BOPP sealing tape used in daily life. High-quality and high-performance tape master rolls can maintain stable performance even in extremely harsh climates. Tape master rolls have excellent adhesion, initial adhesion, good stickiness, high tensile strength, and light weight. Inexpensive and easy to use.
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