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What is PET double-sided tape

by:Gangyuan      2023-02-09

We all know that double-sided adhesive tape is a common name for double-sided adhesive tape, and double-sided adhesive tape can also be called adhesive tape or tape. Products, used for bonding between objects. And double-sided adhesive paper is divided into many types because of different base materials, such as: PET double-sided adhesive, conductive foam double-sided adhesive, PE foam double-sided adhesive, EVA foam double-sided adhesive, OPP double-sided adhesive, etc. So what is PET double-sided tape! PET double-sided tape is also called PET tape or PET high temperature tape. It is made of PET double-sided coated acrylic acid adhesive. The color of the tape is generally transparent and black. It is rare to include green PET double-sided tape. This double-sided tape has good stability and thermal stability. , chemical stability, good initial tack and stickiness, easy to die-cut processing, good adhesion to plastic, rubber, and nameplates; can be applied to wider temperature ranges and harsh environments; suitable for nameplates, decorations, decorative parts Bonding, plastic, rubber bonding. This is a permanent tape, reflected in the longer the time, the stronger the stickiness of PET double-sided tape.
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