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What is Mylar Tape

by:Gangyuan      2023-02-08

Mara tape is also called Mara tape, polyester tape, fire cattle tape, silicone Mara tape, it is a single-sided tape. Mylar tapes generally use polyester film as the substrate, and then use acrylic polymer as the adhesive. They are generally used for coil wrapping, motor stator coil covering, and power transformer coil wrapping. Substrate: It is based on PTE. Mylar tapes are highly conformable and have excellent resistance to chemicals, antioxidants and moisture, and are resistant to cuts and abrasions. There are various optional colors: light yellow, dark yellow, blue, red, green, black, white, transparent, etc. and do not contain chloride ions. Its specifications can be customized according to customer needs. Mylar tape has temperature resistance, pressure resistance, flame retardancy, solvent impregnation resistance and electrical insulation performance, and can be equipped with multiple colors at the same time. It is easy to tear off after use, not easy to break, no glue residue after tearing off, and has the characteristics of high temperature acid and alkali corrosion resistance. Mylar tape is mainly used for coil fixing, insulation wrapping and color marking of electronic transformers, motors and capacitors. It is also suitable for coil capacitors and wire wrapping because of its good viscosity, solvent resistance and high temperature resistance. It is also suitable for the purpose of protecting circuit printed boards during gold plating.
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