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What are the problems when using the wrap film need

by:Gangyuan      2020-07-08
What problem needs to be 2019 - when using stretch film 06 - 06 wrap film and stretch film is widely used, the products are mainly used to match the tray, thus to the whole set of scattered goods packaging, so the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other products of the whole set is widely used on the package. Here we mainly look at using the wrap film to the home of the matters needing attention. Note: 1. Stretch film manufacturer told us be careful in using the wrap film carefully to avoid unnecessary trouble, it can also make products use more long. 2. Wrap film to cut, cut the uneven stretch film not a finished product outbound, this requires that when doing the product two head to roll in, if the material is broken also want cut the degree on both sides of the neat and flat. 3. To minimize the fold on both ends of the wrap film appearance and intermediate pressure of the red line, because if the fold will seriously affect beautiful. 4. Wrap film can't short and long at the same time, in their respective on both sides to stay white, standard is 1 centimeter or so commonly, paper tube to alignment. 5. Wrap film die head to clean clean, avoid impurities, can't let burning plastic fall into the inside, like the naked eye can be found immediately remove impurities.
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