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What are the factors affecting the quality of the sealing tape?

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-01

In the purchase of sealing tape products, if the quality is not good, it will cause problems such as tape breakage, poor stickiness, and poor stickiness. In this case, the quality factors affecting the sealing tape products are as follows: 1. The sealing tape is also called BOPP tape, which is based on BOPP biaxially oriented polypropylene film. If the quality of the BOPP film is not up to standard or the base material is of poor quality, the effect of gluing on the base material will be poor. During use, it is easy to cause the sealing tape to break and affect the quality and progress of the packaging. Second, the quality of water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive consumables. The main component of water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive is tincture, which is a kind of polymer active substance. The water-based pressure-sensitive glue used in the production of sealing tape, and the solid content of the glue will directly affect the quality of the produced sealing tape. quality. 3. The thickness of the glue in the sealing tape will also affect the quality of the tape. For example: the initial adhesion of the sealing tape is ≥13 (steel ball number), and the glue thickness of this tape product is 22 microns, which meets the standard thickness. 4. Production equipment, temperature and technology. In the production of sealing tape products, no matter the equipment, temperature or production technology of the tape production are required to be accurate, otherwise it will directly affect the quality of the sealing tape products. 5. Storage environment. When storing sealing tape products, choose a dry and cool place, avoid storage in harsh environments, prohibit contact with acid, alkali, oily items or organic solvents, and keep it clean and dry.
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