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Understand the production process of the printing tape

by:Gangyuan      2020-07-10
Understand the production process of 2018 - marking tape 12 - 18 printing tape has been widely used in our daily life, the love for you to bring a lot of convenience, then what you know about printing tape production process, to specify below small make up. Printing adhesive tape from the plastic particles of raw material added to the blown film machine, blow into a plastic film. The width in 1. 3 m or so, according to the different plastic particles of tape use choice and add some special additives. We should also pay attention to after the blown film and then put the film on to the coating on the coating glue, this process is selected according to the viscosity and the use of tape needed to glue, is the tape after coating is good. Then there is the large volume of plastic film by rewinding machine rolls into small volume again, this is according to our usual use of the length of the tape need also for rewinding, rewinding of sliced into small film slitting machine needed to use the tape at ordinary times the width of the tape production the most greatest influence on quality link is blown film and coating the two processes.
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