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Share the double-sided tape technique of choose and buy

by:Gangyuan      2020-07-06
Share the skills - 2019 double sided tape to choose 04 - 16 in general, some formal move tape factory produces the product basic it is qualified, and no peculiar smell, if found to have a sour taste, you don't choose. Because this kind of tape retention is very poor, especially in low temperature environment, tape is easy to crack, soon loses gum, the tape must be inferior products. Inferior double-sided tape color dark than qualified tape will be many, and hand touch, generally inferior adhesive tape will be more hard, but also because the membrane is thick, the actual number of meters must be reduced. Good adhesive tape film are soft, good tensile properties. So, it is very important to the brightness and the thickness of adhesive tape two indicators, must observe carefully. Tape color more white appearance, tape impurity is less, to guarantee the normal adhesiveness, one hundred meters below the tape products has certain transparency can see paper tube. The inferior adhesive tape is usually yellow, surface with irregular white point, also with the hand press have compounding impurities or glue dry. Inferior the making craft of double-sided adhesive tape can be very rough, so the color of the tape would be yellow, surface impurities.
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