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Several common problems of custom printed sealing tape

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-07

Now many friends will choose to customize the sealing tape with printed logo, so friends who customize the sealing tape for the first time often have some doubts and questions. Today, I will introduce some common problems of custom printed sealing tape.

1. Regarding the choice of color: Generally, it is recommended that customers make printing tapes with a transparent bottom and a logo. The transparent bottom is not only low in cost, but also relatively stickier than the color bottom, because the color bottom needs to add color paste, to a certain extent affects viscosity. In terms of cost, the price of transparent bottom and beige bottom is the lowest, then white, and other colors such as black bottom, red bottom, and blue bottom have the highest prices.

2. Regarding the plate fee: for the first printing of sealing tape, every tape manufacturer will charge a printing plate fee, because for the first time, a printing copper plate is required, and one color needs one plate, and two colors need two plates. , two edition fees will be charged, so it is recommended that you choose to print one color as much as possible, not only the edition fee is relatively small, but the printing cost is also low.

3. Regarding proofing: Printing sealing tape cannot be proofed, because the process and time for producing one roll and producing a batch are the same, and only electronic files can be provided to confirm the printing content and color. As for quality issues, we can Provide other customers with previously customized sealing tape for customer confirmation.

4. Regarding the minimum order quantity: Some friends are worried about quality problems or the demand is not so large. They want to order dozens of rolls for a try. This is impossible, because there is a minimum order quantity for custom printed sealing tape. The minimum quantity is a semi-finished product, about 1000 rolls with a width of 45mm, and there is no way to customize small batches.

The above are the four common questions about custom printed sealing tape. If you still don't understand, please feel free to consult our customer service staff!
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