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Several advantages of the foam tape

by:Gangyuan      2020-06-21
Several advantages of the foam tape - 2018 07 - 17 now foam tape is widely used in life and work, especially the tape of a lot of advantages, the adhesive tape factory to concrete is introduced, the characteristics of the foam tape. Advantages: foam tape sealing good, avoid gas release and atomization. Advantage 2: excellent resistance to compression deformation, the elastic and durable, can ensure parts of anti-shock protection for a long time. Three advantages: better flame retardant, no harmful toxic substances, no residue, of no pollution, no corrosive to metal. Four advantages: the product can be used for various temperature ranges, it can be used from the negative degrees Celsius to degrees Celsius. Advantage five: excellent wettability on the surface of foam tape, glue, easy manufacturing, easy molding. Six advantages: viscosity, stripping large, strong initial adhesion, good weatherability! Waterproof, solvent resistance, high temperature resistance, good fit on the surface.
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