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Is the thickness of scotch tape and sealing tape as thick as possible?

by:Gangyuan      2022-12-20

Sealing tape is an indispensable packaging product in various industries. There are various sealing tapes on the market. Are you still having a headache to buy high-quality and cheap sealing tape to reduce costs for enterprises? When you buy the sealing tape, is the thicker the better?

When we use the tape, we need to look at the actual place where the tape is used. If it is an ordinary box, the general thickness is fine. Like 45u, it is enough to completely seal the box; if it is some high quality For boxes with high surface smoothness, the required sealing adhesive viscosity must be thicker, such as 60u is also necessary.

If it is to fit the bag, it is estimated that the low-viscosity tape of 40u can achieve an ideal effect, and custom-made sealing glue with high thickness will increase its own cost.
If it is used for ordinary paper lamination, it can also be used in general, but if it is used to store other items, it is recommended to use thicker ones, because this long-term storage requires high-viscosity to achieve a better Moisture-proof effect!

The thickness of the sealing tape is the combination of the thickness of the film and the thickness of the glue. Generally, if the ratio of these two thicknesses is not required by the demander, it is 26u film thickness + 14u glue. Of course, if there is a requirement, it will be produced according to the required ratio. However, many purchasers have no concept of the thickness of the sealing tape, and cannot clearly know the film thickness and glue ratio of the tape they need. This article will explain to you what is the thickness of the sealing tape? I hope to be helpful.

Generally speaking, the thickness of the sealing tape fluctuates up and down with 40u as the baseline, and 40u is a relatively common thickness. The sealing tapes on the market are all 40u-45u. The thinner the thickness, the more favorable the price. For printing tape, the thickness is thicker than ordinary scotch tape, generally more than 50u, most of which are 50-60u, and those with higher viscosity requirements will go to about 65u, which is very sticky. Therefore, when purchasing scotch tape and sealing tape, don't just look at the thickness of the tape, but also determine it according to the actual situation!

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