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Is Gangyuan wholesale opp tape repurchase rate high?
The clients of wholesale opp tape under Gangyuan are clients who've established long-term partnerships with us. We perfectly fulfill the requirements of each client. We provide convenience for repeat clients.
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DONGGUAN CITY GANG YUAN ADHESIVE PRODUCTS CO., LTD.'s service in washi tape industry ranks first in the domestic industry. GANG YUAN has created a number of successful series, and adhesive tape is one of them. Gangyuan self adhesive tape has been evaluated in many aspects. They include electrical safety, sanitation, EMC, energy efficiency, electrical shock&leakage, and more. Its thickness allowance will be controlled within 3%. To strictly guarantee quality of adhesive tape, GANG YUAN implements measures of China masking tape. The product is often used in the automotive painting, circuit board (PCB) processing, and mending and bunding.
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Gangyuan Adhesive Tapes strives to become the excellent provider of the duct tape solutions. Call now!

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