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Industrial uses and characteristics of masking tape

by:Gangyuan      2022-12-23

Industrial use of masking tape: This product is suitable for use on the edge between spray paint, powder spray or other ordinary paints; it can also be used to cover precision product electroplating parts and parts that do not need electroplating. For example: when the product is painted and colored, after one color is sprayed, masking tape can be pasted along the painting edge, and other colors can be sprayed, and then the masking tape can be torn off. Because of the non-stick properties of the masking tape, it won't damage or interfere with every step of the paint application. The industrial characteristics of masking tape are as follows: 1. Industrial masking tape has excellent solvent resistance and high temperature resistance. 2. It is easy to tear off, soft and comfortable, and does not leave any residual glue after tearing off. Three, the bonding speed is fast. Pull off the industrial masking tape and flatten it. It is not difficult to find that the sticky surface of this product does not seem to have much stickiness to the skin, but it can be very sticky as soon as it touches the sticky object, and the adherend is instantly bonded. s surface. Industrial masking tape has this feature, which can avoid damage to personnel's hands during construction.
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