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External factors affecting double-sided tape

by:Gangyuan      2023-02-02

The reaction of double-sided tape to external factors is as follows: 1. Influenced by the environment: solvents, moisture, moisture, plasticizers, sunlight or ultraviolet rays, aging, etc. will affect the stickiness of double-sided tape. 2. The influence of external factors on double-sided tape: color, transparency, odor, thickness, filling degree, fogging, insulation, etc. 3. The influence of temperature on double-sided tape: whether the tape has high or low temperature resistance in the short term or long term, and shear resistance after long temperature. 4. The external force of double-sided tape: affected by the peel strength refers to the rough surface material of polar materials and non-polar materials, initial adhesion, initial and final peel strength, top shear force, shear force, Tensile strength, shock resistance, etc.
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