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Characteristics and uses of PET double-sided tape

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-15

PET double-sided tape is used in industry and electronics industry. And what are its features and uses! The following information can give you a detailed understanding of the characteristics of PET double-sided tape: 1. Its adhesion is uniform and stable. 2. No residual glue and traces will be left after tearing off. 3. Tape base material and viscose are environmentally friendly. 4. The surface of the tape can be written. 5. Easy to unwind, PET double-sided tape can be torn by hand and is not easy to twist. Uses of PET double-sided tape: 1. Resin lens injection molding, printed matter testing, and screen printing fastness testing on the surface of printed circuit boards. 2. PET double-sided tape is used to test the surface fastness of silk screen printing, pad printing and bronzing. 3. Surface fastness testing of spray paint and electroplating; production and packaging positioning. PET double-sided tape is also applicable to a wide range of industries, such as: animation original paintings, eyeglass lenses, electronics manufacturing, consumer goods, toys, gift manufacturing and packaging, plastic products, metal product manufacturing and packaging, advertising production, clothing industry, etc. PET double-sided tape also has good adhesion to substrates; high bonding strength to high surface energy plastics and metal sheets; excellent temperature resistance, water resistance, and chemical resistance.
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