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Characteristics and classification of kraft paper tape

by:Gangyuan      2022-12-25

In everyone's image, whether you think that kraft paper tapes are the same, they all use kraft paper materials as the basic material. Isn't kraft paper tape used for sealing boxes? As a person who has been dealing with adhesive tape for many years, I believe that kraft paper tape is not only as simple as sealing the box, but also has many characteristics. We will introduce you the characteristics and classification of kraft paper in detail. I will give you a detailed introduction to the specific characteristics and properties of various kraft paper tapes, as well as the classification of various kraft paper tapes.

Next, we will explain them one by one for you. First of all, let us introduce you what is kraft paper tape. Kraft paper tape is made of kraft paper with a smooth surface after coating, coated with hot melt glue or rubber glue, and has the characteristics of waterproof, strong viscosity, high tensile strength, strong viscosity, and stable weather resistance. .

Then, the characteristics of kraft paper tapes are basically similar, and they are all based on kraft paper, so because the kraft paper is more flexible, the color is natural, similar to the color of ordinary cartons.

Regarding the classification of kraft paper tape, we will introduce to you: water-based kraft paper tape is also called (wet water kraft paper tape), the main function of water-based kraft paper tape is to pack goods, most of which are used for export packaging goods. The following is the picture information of kraft paper tape:

The second is the layered kraft paper tape. The main feature of the layered kraft paper tape is that the base of the kraft paper tape can be torn apart and divided into upper and lower layers of kraft paper. Layered kraft paper tape is mainly used in firecracker factories. The following is the introduction information of the layered kraft paper tape picture:

Finally, I would like to introduce the writable kraft paper tape to you. The main feature of the writeable kraft paper tape is that it can be written on its surface and can be used as a mark. Basically, this type of kraft paper tape is widely used in auto parts companies, and the main requirement is relatively high precision.
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