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Application range and characteristics of double-sided tape

by:Gangyuan      2023-02-04

Due to the different base materials of the double-sided adhesive tape, the double-sided adhesive tape produced also has different characteristics and application ranges. Let's talk about the application range and characteristics of the tissue paper double-sided adhesive tape. Application of cotton paper double-sided tape: This product is suitable for pasting on curved surfaces, suitable for pasting stamping type, nameplate, and membrane switch. Double-sided tape can be used to attach signs, photos, envelopes, hooks, etc. It also has a good bonding effect on PP, PE, PU, ​​foam and other substrates. The characteristics of the double-sided tape of tissue paper: 1. The high-strength double-sided tape has anti-rebound, warping, heat resistance, and temperature resistance; 2. The double-sided tape also has strong adhesion and holding force. The substrate has good adhesion, easy to tear, and clean to use; 3. The double-sided tape has good adhesion to rough surfaces, oily surfaces, chemical fibers, kapok cloth and other materials.
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