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Application fields and advantages of sealing tape

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-02

Sealing tape is widely used in the packaging, binding, protection and fixing of carton products. It is used in the packaging of express logistics, online shopping malls, electrical appliances, clothing and shoes, lighting fixtures, furniture and other products. It is also possible to print LOGO or slogans on the sealing tape products. The use of printed sealing tapes for product packaging can not only improve the company's brand and image, but more importantly, it can achieve an advertising effect. Advantages of sealing tape products: 1. Thin type: the sealing tape will not leave accumulations on thick edges. 2. Anti-fragmentation: The sealing tape will not crack. 3. Fixing ability: it can be fixed on the workpiece with a small pressure. 4. Easy to tear off: easy to tear off from the roll without stretching and dragging glue. 5. Controlled unwinding: When the tape is pulled away from the roll, it is neither too loose nor too tight. 6. Flexibility: It can adapt to the rapidly changing curve shape. 7. Smoothness: The surface feels smooth and does not prick your hands. 8. Anti-transfer: Remove the product without leaving any adhesive.
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