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Advantages and usage methods of foam tape

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-27

The unique advantages of foam tape products are as follows: 1. The foam tape has a relatively prominent sealing performance, which can avoid the phenomenon of gas release or atomization. 2. The foam tape has good compression deformation resistance. This product has good elasticity and long-lasting shockproof protection. 3. An important point in the use of foam tape: the product is flame retardant, does not contain any toxic components, will not pollute equipment or corrode other metal objects. 4. The foam tape has a very long-lasting viscosity, and has the advantages of super waterproof and high temperature resistance. Matters needing attention in the use steps of foam tape products are as follows: 1. Remove dust and oil stains on the surface of the adhered object before pasting, and keep it dry. For example: to paste mirror and other materials, it is recommended to clean the surface to be adhered with alcohol first. 2. The temperature of the working environment should not be lower than 10°C when pasting. If it is lower than that, use a hair dryer or properly heat the adhesive tape and pasting surface, and then paste accordingly. 3. The foam tape can exert its maximum sticking performance only by exerting force on the tape when pasting objects.
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