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Advantages and characteristics of hot melt tape

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-25

Advantages of hot-melt tape: it must be able to withstand changes in temperature and humidity in the transport carton, and it is difficult to meet this requirement with ordinary tape, because its adhesive strength is smaller than that of hot-melt tape, and for coated Or oil-based cardboard is prone to stickiness. The hot-melt tape has good bonding force and strong penetration, and it is easier to stick firmly to coated or oily cardboard substrates. Features of hot-melt tape products: 1. Environmental protection: adopt a new coating production line and a new production process to meet the requirements of environmental protection. 2. Good adhesion: various technical indicators are far superior to ordinary adhesive tapes, and its holding force and peeling force are three times that of ordinary adhesive tapes. 3. Low temperature resistance: It can be used normally at minus 30 degrees.
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